Almighty Sample Pack – 1st Edition

    Categories: Sample Pack

    Price: $19.99

    In the Almighty Sample Pack you’ll find a collection of 30+ high quality .wav files to loop, chop, drag and drop! When music is created it has a Spirit behind it, The Almighty Sample Pack derives from the Holy Spirit.

    What continues to separate this from other packs is the exclusive ability to sample/chop custom made ROYALTY FREE  song snippets which include short songs containing lyrics, vocals and transitions! Clearing samples can be a headache worth thousands of dollars but these are ALL free and exclusive to this First Edition Sample pack designed by Billboard charting artist/producer Adriel Cruz.

    Included in this First Edition: Original short songs of various genres to sample, Vocal one shots for beat drops, transitions and more, Loops with cinematic, dark, up beat and heartfelt melodies for Rap/Hip-hop music and pre-chopped samples using the songs in this First Edition. The goal of this intro sample pack is to help song writers and producers alike gain inspiration to create great music. Just add drums 😉

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