World Renegade Music

World Renegade Music is a production company and aspiring management and artist development entity for unsigned talent. WRM exists to surpass the status quo of today’s music and it’s negative bent. It’s aim is to create innovative soundtracks for life. We want to create music for you to use in every form of media to make the world a better place through Sounds That Achieve Redemption (S.T.A.R). All music production is created at S.T.A.R. labs in Chicago, IL.

Who is Adriel “Skrip” Cruz ?

Adriel Cruz is the owner of World Renegade Music. In 1999 at the age of twelve, the Chicago native Skrip sequenced his first hip-hop instrumental using the 12 string guitar as a main melody the next week he opened up for the original gangster rap “demon executor” T-Bone (Mtv, B.E.T, Tbn) in front of 3,000 people. From that time until his first public release, Skrip built up a resume that included opening for several well known artists as a rapper, honed skills as a beat boxer, singer,  producer, had his fare share of emcee battles, and spent time as a full time b-boy.

Skrip offered his first free album ‘The Underscore’ and his self titled debut album ‘Becoming All Things’ in 2011 and was received by the public with open arms. His albums have displayed his roots reminiscent of golden era boom bap, pop, catchy hooks, vivid story telling, and out of this world melodies.

“Every subject that he talks about is something that’s really relevant in someone’s life-or something that some girl went through or somebody is going through or what someone is thinking or what someone even doubts about.” – Joey Fernandez (Lupe Fiasco, Patti Labelle, Smokie Norful, Dave Hollister)
Skrip was included on Rapzilla.com’s 12 Freshman of 2012 after displaying a high level of talent and promise with his two offerings in 2011, ‘The Underscore’ and ‘Becoming All Things.” When the owners of Rapzilla.com noticed Skrip they immediately reached out.

Adriel is now an international recording artist and producer. With 16 years of performing, producing, songwriting, and billboard chart achievements under his belt (Skrip – Renegades Never Die, Social Club – Us, Andy Mineo – Heroes For Sale etc.) there is no limit to his future and It’s just getting better. Adriel is also the founding/preaching pastor of  World Renegade Church alongside his beautiful therapist wife Vanessa Cruz, founder of Live Revolution!